At Platform, we are a female-run event management company committed to empowering independent artists by providing them with a platform to showcase their musical abilities.

As a diverse community, we strongly emphasise nurturing connections and support among up-and-coming artists. Our mission is to break down the invisible barriers of competition that often hinder artistic growth, and instead, create a unified space where music performers and lovers can come together.

We aim to establish a platform that not only bridges the gap between artists but also encourages collaboration and mutual encouragement. Through our events, we strive to celebrate the talents and individuality of our artists, promoting their work to a wider audience. By offering a supportive platform, we aim to amplify the voices of emerging artists who may not have had the same opportunities for exposure in the mainstream industry.

Platform is dedicated to nurturing a community that values connections, strengthens networks, and nurtures artistic growth. By building bridges and generating relationships, we aim to create an inclusive space where independent musicians can thrive and where music lovers can discover new, authentic, and diverse sounds.

Join us at Platform as we work towards our goal of elevating independent artists and uniting musicians and music enthusiasts in a harmonious and vibrant community.


Sorcha Johnson

Founder & Director of platform

Sorcha, founder of Platform, blends her passions as an indie-pop singer-songwriter with a visionary mission: establishing a creative haven for artists.

For the past 5 years, Sorcha has been serenading audiences and crafting stories through her music. Her journey from stages to songwriting has fuelled a passion that goes beyond personal success – it's about creating a haven for independent artists. With Platform, Sorcha aspires to transform the local music scene into a safe, positive, diverse, creative space where every artist feels not just supported, but truly valued. It's not just about gigs; it's about creating a family of artists who lift each other up.

As she looks toward the future, Sorcha is excited about the incredible things Platform will achieve. From showcasing local talents to organising workshops that nurture creativity, Platform is set to become a cornerstone in the local music scene.

Lilith Slater

Communication and Artist Liaison

Passionate about supporting women and diverse artists tackle the barriers into the music industry, Lilith joins Platform with 8 years of songwriting experience. Lilith is often found challenging industry norms with her alter-ego, Lili-Violet, an indie pop/punk musician. Her music, a fusion of raw emotion and unapologetic storytelling, aims to ignite change and empower through sonic rebellion. 

Lilith is your go-to gal for picking up slots in the lineups, having a general chat, and your support for when those pre-show nerves kick in! Lilith is known as our team hype-girl and she will be yours too!


Siobhan Walsh

event producer

Siobhan brings creativity and expertise to the forefront as the event producer for Platform. Her value of curating inclusive events shines through in her facilitation of intimate connections between the artists and audiences. Equity, accessibility and empathy are at the forefront of the event planning experience. 

Siobhan is a considerate and hard working representative that knows how to keep every party happy. She takes pride in elevating each event through inspired collaboration, crafting memorable experiences to leave the community inspired !