These talented creatives have inspired and assisted SORCHA with producing her visions and music over the years. They have all contributed to the development and progress in her music career. She is endlessly grateful for their efforts, skills and support of her projects.

Conor Bermingham


After completing his degree in Sound Production, Conor has been working in studios recording up and coming bands as well as working as a live sound engineer. Conor has worked with Lisa Mitchell, Tom Iansek, Oscar Dawson, G-Flip and Lance Prenc.

Live sound portfolio includes: Muroki, Noasis, Ruby Gill, Angie McMahon, Velvet Bloom, Freeds, Custard, Zachary Leo and The Meeseeks. 

Conor recorded and produced SORCHA’s debut EP “Just Ain’t Simple”. Due to Melbourne’s lockdown restrictions over the last couple years, the EP was recorded between Conor’s house and Big Sky Audio’s Production Studio.

“SORCHA is a talented and creative person who writes great songs, and has an ear for what she wants her sound to be. This makes for an enjoyable and creative studio experience”

Conor was also granted the opportunity to manage Big Sky Audio alongside Ben Rohy from November 2022. He has big plans and goals for his new career role and is looking forward to working with new bands and artists.

Jack Pyper

FILM/MEDIA/DJ – Fragment Media & Entertainment

Jack Castwood-Pyper, born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.

What started as a photography and DJ business in high school, has now turned into a unique production company with a growing group of filmmakers.

Other than providing high quality productions, his main priority is to always have fun and keep the mood of his projects positive.

“We pride ourselves on our unique concepts, positive work environment, quality dad jokes, hardworking, organised nature and attention to detail.”

“Working with SORCHA for her music video 'AOMM' was a breeze."

I think she was blown away by the scale of the set/ production, but after a couple practice takes she was on fire. I definitely would love to work with her again in the future, we had a lot of fun.”

Jack continues to be a source of creative guidance and inspiration for many of SORCHA's projects. He will be working alongside her for the production of a music video and various promo shoots for her upcoming EP "Closure" which will be releasing mid year 2023.