Get ready to be swept away by the vibrant storytelling of SORCHA, the Melbourne-based singer, songwriter, and musician whose emotional lyrics will leave you bopping your head and immersing yourself in a sea of relatable experiences.

SORCHA has mastered the art of crafting heart-stirring melodies that delve deep into her personal and love life, with her music being an emotional journey that invites you to share in her joys, heartbreaks, and moments of self-discovery. With every note she sings, SORCHA creates a vibrant tapestry of emotions that resonate with anyone who has ever experienced the universal rollercoaster of love.

From breathtaking solo performances accompanied by her trusty guitar or piano to full band shows that ignite the stage with energy, SORCHA's gigs offer a range of musical experiences. Each performance is a chance to dive into her world, where raw vulnerability and infectious indie pop collide.


SORCHA's unique journey sets her apart in the music industry, blending her Irish heritage with her current Australian life. Raised in Ireland for part of her childhood, she carries a twang in her voice that reflects her diverse blend of cultural influences.

Music has been intertwined in SORCHA's life from a young age, starting with writing and performing songs for family and friends. As her talent grew, she ventured into open mic nights, musical theatre performances, and even busking, passionately pursuing her dreams. It wasn't until live gigs and recording opportunities came knocking that she truly saw her future unfold before her.

In her own words, SORCHA reflects on the long and exciting journey leading up to the release of her debut EP, 'Just Ain't Simple'. This collection of songs is a testament to her life experiences, personal lessons, love encounters, and heartbreaks that have shaped her artistic path. 

At the age of 16, SORCHA fearlessly ventured into the world of music production, teaching herself how to use Garageband and started recording her own music. Her current creative process often starts with a basic demo or voice recording of vocal parts, which she then sends to her producers to add all the magical elements that elevate her performances.

Beyond her music, SORCHA expresses her personality and creativity through her fashion and style. Pastels, groovy alternative clothes, ever-changing hair colours, a strong winged liner, tattoos, piercings, and glitter define her look, making her easily recognizable to her devoted fans. SORCHA is always pushing boundaries and experimenting with different looks, allowing her true essence to shine through.

SORCHA unveiled her highly anticipated second EP, 'Closure' on September 22nd, 2023. This release was a labour of love, capturing the raw emotions experienced after an impactful break up. The EP features five tracks that showcase SORCHA's new writing and production style collaborating with producer Ben Rohy. 

Be sure to follow SORCHA on her social media platforms @sorchajmusic to stay in the loop and catch all the latest news and updates about her upcoming releases. Join her on this journey of self-discovery, love, and closure, and let her music be the soundtrack to your own personal experiences.